11/07-10: ASA年次大会@ホノルル/第1日目パネルに巽先生がご登壇なさいます!

2019年11月7-10日にホノルルにて American Studies Association 年次大会が開催されます(全プログラムはこちらです)。

第1日には、The Routledge Companion to Transnational American Studies の刊行を記念したトークショップ "Building Transnational American Studies Scholarship: The New Routledge Companion" に、巽先生をはじめ編著者がご登壇なさいます。ホノルルの地で、グアムやオリエンタリズム、西部やアジア系アメリカをめぐるトランスナショナルなアメリカ研究を展開します。また、第4日のパネルディスカッション "Building Bridges, Giving Voices" に細野香里さんが "Representations of Others in Mark Twain’s Letters from Hawai‘i (1866) and in the Incomplete "Sandwich Islands Novel"" をご発表なさいます。ASA年次大会に参加されている方、ご関心お持ちの方、ぜひお運びください!

Thu, November 7, 14:00-15:45 @Hawai'i Convention Center, Mtg Rm 323A
Chair: Nina Morgan (Kennesaw State University)
Paper Presenters
  • Mary A. Knighton (Aoyama Gakuin University), "Guam, Un-Inc.; or Craig Santos Perez's Transterritorial Challenge to American Studies as Usual"
  • William Nessly (West Chseter University), "The Pacific Turn: Transnational Asian American Studies"
  • Alfred Hornung (Johannes Gutenberg University), "Confucius and America: The Moral Constitution of Statecraft"
  • Boris Vejdovsky (University of Lausanne), "The Performance of American Popular Culture: Rhetoric and Symbolic Forms in American Western Movies"
  • Takayuki Tatsumi (Keio University), "Thinking After the Hemispheric: The Planetary Expanse of Transnational American Writing"
  • Shelley Fisher Fishkin (Stanford University), "Collaboration in Transnational American Studies"
Comments: Isabel Duran (Complutense University of Madrid), Carmen M. Mendez-Garcia (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

"Building Bridges, Giving Voices"Sun, November 10, 10:00-11:45 @Hawai'i Convention Center, Mtg Rm 307A
Chair: Daryl Maeda (University of Colorado-Boulder)
Paper Presenters:
  • Kaori Hosono (Keio University), "Representations of Others in Mark Twain’s Letters from Hawai‘i (1866) and in the Incomplete "Sandwich Islands Novel""
  • Nobuyuki Nakamura (University of Osaka), "Japan-American Student Conference and Filipino-American Student Conference before WWII"
  • Yasuko Kamashita (Tsuda University), "Okinawan Communities and War Brides after WWII"
  • Yu-Fang Cho (Miami University-Oxford), "Queering Transpacific Asian-Indigenous Relationality"
  • Lon Kurashige (University of Southern California", "American Studies in Japan: Towards Transpacific Comparison"


Takayuki Tatsumi, Nina Morgan, and Alfred Honung, editors. The Routledge Companion to Transnational American Studies (Routledge, 2019)