巽先生編集Trans-Pacific Cultural Studies 全4巻 が刊行されました!

巽先生が編集を務められた Trans-Pacific Cultural Studies(全4巻)が去る8月に刊行されました!トランスパシフィックな視座から、アメリカやその文化を読み解く55の論考が再録された充実の論文集です。

「アメリカ」とは何かを考える第1巻 Trans-Pacific Americanism には、書き下ろし序文に加え、巽先生の "U.S.–Japan Literary Interactions in the Transpacific Cultural History" を、Shelly Fisher Fishkin 先生(スタンフォード大学)の "Asian Crossroads/Transnational American Studies" が収められています。

第2巻 Trans-Pacific Literary Studies には、太平洋横断的アメリカ文学研究の論文が並びます。Mark Twain Studies  (Vol. 2, 2005) の "War-Prayer"特集号より、編者序文、巽先生や有光道生先生(慶應義塾大学)のご論文が再録されています。また、Mary A. Knighton 先生(青山学院大学)や宇沢美子先生(慶應義塾大学)、大学院OGの永野文香さんのご論文も並び、19世紀から20世紀の日本とアメリカの文学的交錯を知ることができます。また、加藤有佳織先生(慶應義塾大学)や大学院OBの志賀俊介さんのご論文も収められ、21世紀小説の動向もカバー。

第3巻 Science Fiction and Cyber Culture には巽先生や小谷真理先生のご論文が収められるとともに、SFとその想像力を考える上で必読のSF論が並びます。

第4巻 Cool Asia には現代日本文化論が並びます。巽先生のガンダム論や小谷先生のコスプレ論、大串尚代先生による少女漫画とローラ・インガルス・ワイルダー「小さな家」シリーズについてのご論考、そして Larry McCaffery 先生 と Sinda Gregory 先生のご論文も収められています。


Trans-Pacific Cultural Studies 4 vols.
Sage Benchmarks in Culture and Society
SAGE Publishing, Aug. 2019
Hardcover, pp.1210

Volume I: Trans-Pacific Americanism
Appendix of Sources
Shelley Fisher Fishkin--Foreword
Takayuki Tatsumi--Editor’s Introduction: Trans-Pacific Cultural Studies
  • Takayuki Tatsumi, "U.S.–Japan Literary Interactions in the Transpacific Cultural History"
  • Shelley Fisher Fishkin, "Asian Crossroads/Transnational American Studies"
  • Daizaburo Yui, "Historical Lessons in Asian-American Relations: Searching for Inter-Civilizational Dialogue"
  • Jun Furuya, "A New Perspective on American History from the Other Side of the Pacific"
  • Gary Y. Okihiro, "Toward a Pacific Civilization"
  • Eikoh Ikui, "Reprogramming Memories: The Historicization of the Vietnam War from the 1970s through the 1990s"
  • Fumiko Nishizaki, "A Global Superpower or a Model of Democracy? Images of America in Post-Cold War Japan"
  • Haiming Liu, "Chop Suey as Imagined Authentic Chinese Food: The Culinary Identity of Chinese Restaurants in the United States"
  • Rui Kohiyama, "To Clear Up a Cloud Hanging on the Pacific Ocean: The 1927 Japan-U.S. Doll Exchange"
  • Greg Robinson, "A Tragedy of Democracy: Japanese Confinement in North America"
  • Joyce Brodsky, "The Transnational Artists Yun-Fei Ji, Hung Liu, and Zhang Hongtu: Globalization, Hybridity, and Political Critique"
  • Etsuko Taketani, "The Archipelagic Black Global Imaginary: Walter White’s Pacific Island Hopping"
Volume II: Trans-Pacific Literary Studies
  • Takayuki Tatsumi, "Literary History on the Road: Transatlantic Crossings and Transpacific Crossovers"
  • Shelley Fisher Fishkin and Takayuki Tatsumi, "Editors’ Introduction: New Perspectives on 'The War-Prayer'"
  • Mong-Lan, "Mark Twain's 'War-Prayer'--The Reflection on Vietnam and Iraq"
  • Michio Arimitsu, "The Realm of an Empire and the Reach of Empathy: Reconsideration of Humanism in Mark Twain's 'The War-Prayer'" Kevin Mac Donnell, "Mark Twain and Gensai Murai: A Japanese Inspiration for 'The War-Prayer'
  • Gayle K. Sato, "The Transpacific Gaze in Tropic of Orange"
  • Mary A Knighton, "The Melancholy Melodrama of "Honorary Whiteness": The Case of Yuasa Katsuei's Colonial Fiction"
  • Yukiko Oshima, "Herman Melville's “Pequot Trilogy”: The Pequot War in Moby-Dick, Israel Potter and Clarel"
  • Makino Arimichi, "Japanese Ishmael: 'John' Manjiro Nakahama Crossing the Vital Year 1850"
  • Mikayo Sakuma, "Rethinking Cultural Awareness Toward Nature: Oriental Animals in Herman Melville's Clarel"
  • Yuko Matsukawa, "Onoto Watanna's Japanese Collaborators and Commentators"
  • Yoshiko Uzawa, "'Will White Man and Yellow Man Ever Mix?': Wallace Irwin, Hashimura Togo, and the Japanese Immigrant in America"
  • Fumika Nagano, "Surviving the Perpetual Winter: The Role of Little Boy in Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle"
  • Rie Makino, "Absent Presence as Nonprotest Narrative: Internment, Interethnicity, and Christianity in Hisaye Yamamoto’s 'The Eskimo Connection'"
  • Yukari Kato, "Pioneer Narrative of an Internee Girl: Cynthia Kadohata’s Weedflower (2006) and Nikkei Reclaim for the American West"
  • Shunsuke Shiga, "The Imaginary Space in Indian-American Fiction: A Catalyst for Rebellion in Jhumpa Lahiri's The Lowland"
  • Belinda Kong, "Beyond K's Specter: Chang-rae Lee's A Gesture Life, Comfort Women Testimonies, and Asian American Transnational Aesthetics"
Volume III: Science Fiction and Cyber Culture
  • Takayuki Tatsumi, "A Soft Time Machine: From Translation to Transfiguration"
  • Miri Nakamura, "Horror and Machines in Prewar Japan: The Mechanical Uncanny in Yumeno Kyûsaku's Dogura magura"
  • Abe Kôbô, "Two Essays on Science Fiction"
  • William O. Gardner, "From Parody to Simulacrum: Japanese SF, Regionalism, and the Inauthentic in the Early Works of Komatsu Sakyo and Tsutsui Yasutaka"
  • Kôichi Yamano, "Japanese SF, Its Originality and Orientation"
  • Shibano Takumi, "'Collective Reason': A Proposal"
  • Mari Kotani, "Space, Body, and Aliens in Japanese Women's Science Fiction"
  • Thomas Schnellbächer, "Has the Empire Sunk Yet?—The Pacific in Japanese Science Fiction"
  • Christopher T. Fan, "Techno-Orientalism with Chinese Characteristics: Maureen F McHugh's China Mountain Zhang"
  • Yan Wu, "'Great Wall Planet': Introducing Chinese Science Fiction"
  • Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay, "On the Mythologerm: Kalpavigyan and the Question of Imperial Science"
  • Suparno Banerjee, "Crossing the Border: The Depiction of India in Ian McDonald's River of Gods and Cyberabad Days"
Volume IV: Cool Asia
  • Takayuki Tatsumi, "Introduction to Three Asias: Japan—Invisible Asias, Other Japans"
  • Larry McCaffery, "Storming the Floating World of Postmodern Hyperreality"
  • Larry McCaffery and Sinda Gregory, "Introduction to New Japanese Fiction"
  • Takayuki Tatsumi, "On the Monstrous Planet, or How Godzilla Took a Roman Holiday"
  • Anne Allison, "The Japan Fad in Global Youth Culture and Millennial Capitalism"
  • Mari Kotani, "Doll Beauties and Cosplay"
  • Hisayo Ogushi, "Little House in the Far East: The American Frontier Spirit and Japanese Girls' Comics"
  • Yukari Fujimoto, "Where Is My Place in the World? Early Shojo Manga Portrayals of Lesbianism"
  • Ito Go and Miri Nakamura, "Tezuka Is Dead: Manga in Transformation and Its Dysfunctional Discourse"
  • Mary A. Knighton, "'Becoming-Insect Woman': Tezuka's Feminist Species"
  • Takayuki Tatsumi, "Gundam and the Future of Japanoid Art"
  • Thomas Lamarre and Hiroki Azuma, "The Animalization of Otaku Culture"
  • Marilyn Ivy, "The Art of Cute Little Things: Nara Yoshitomo's Parapolitics"
  • Emily Raine, "The Sacrificial Economy of Cuteness in Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space"
  • Sandra Annett, "What Can a Vocaloid Do? The Kyara as Body without Organs"